Nurses for Single Payer (NFSP) is an Oregon-based organization of energized nurses who believe that health care is a human right. We focus on informing nurses about the active and growing campaign to bring universal, publicly funded health care to our state. As nurses are strong and respected voices in our communities, we believe that nurses can lead the way to a single-payer universal healthcare system! NFSP is an active member of Health Care for All Oregon (HCAO) .

Does your health insurance company make you sick? Help us treat this illness!

  • Educate yourself about single payer healthcare. pnhp.org &  hcao.org
  • Invite us to make a presentation.  info@nursesforsinglepayer.org
  • We invite you to join us and get involved.

Sign up for updates.   Check out our Facebook page. Make a donation!   Check out the photo gallery, too!



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