Why Single Payer?

The need for universal access to health care is urgent.

The term “Single Payer” refers to a system of health care financing and reimbursement that respects health care as a human right. We believe the most effective model for ensuring access to equitable, affordable, comprehensive, and high quality health care is a publicly funded health care system.

In 2023, the US Department of Health and Human Services reported that there are approximately 25 million Americans without health insurance. Despite progress made through the Affordable Care Act, medical debt is the leading cause of bankruptcy.  Without complete transformation of the system those who are uninsured and under-insured will persist. Both the uninsured and the under-insurance deters millions from seeking timely and preventive medical care.

Single payer systems in most major industrialized countries provide models for how we can create a lower cost and higher quality care system. A single payer system would not be entirely new in the context of the United States. Regular Medicare is a single payer system, providing access to care for older and disabled Americans, with much lower administrative costs.

For further reading on single payer healthcare systems and their applicability to the United States, we recommend The Healing of America by TR Reid.