Who We Are

Oregon Nurses Leading the Way to Single Payer:  We are nurses and nursing students, employed and retired. We are working to achieve universal healthcare. We believe that health care, like fire protection and clean water is a public good.

Nurses for Single Payer (NFSP) is dedicated to the achievement of a universal, publicly funded health care system. Nurses can lead the way to a single payer system which provides access to health care for all.  We engage with nurses and nursing students in Oregon through outreach to nursing organizations, nursing schools, and individual nurses. Nurses are a strong and respected voice in their communities and can be effective advocates for a single payer health system.

In 2016, we became incorporated in the state of Oregon.

Our current officers are Carole Most, president; Rachel Prusak, vice-president; Kathy Birch, secretary; and Tom Sincic, treasurer.  Our other board members include Betsy Zucker, David Young, Katie Strawn, J.R. McLain, Lea Sanders-Wilcox, Maureen Andersen, and Robin Tarter.  Chris Tanner and Nancy Sullivan are former Board members who remain deeply involved in the outreach and educational work of NFSP.

NFSP is an organizational affiliate of Health Care for ALL Oregon, as well as the national single payer coalition, Campaign for Guaranteed Health Care.

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Oct.  2018