Nurses! Support Oregon’s Task Force on Universal Health Care

Oregon’s Task Force on Universal Health Care was created by the Oregon legislature in 2019 to develop a state single payer plan. State budget cuts are anticipated in light of the COVID-19 economic downturn. Help advocate for the Task Force’s continued funding in the state budget.
ONA members:  ONA’s virtual Legislative Planning Series meetings help develop ONA’s state legislative agenda.  You are invited to participate now through July 14, to urge ONA to make universal healthcare and continued funding for the Task Force a priority for ONA in 2021.  Learn more and RSVP here.
Everyone:    Call or email your state legislators and let them know that, in the fight for healthcare justice, that the current funding for the Task Force on Universal Health Care must be preserved.  Click here to find out who represents you in Salem (and Washington!), and how to contact them.
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