Summer 2019 Updates

We are excited by the passage of Oregon SB 770, which will set Oregon on a pathway to single payer over the next several years. There is ongoing organizing for state single payer with the Health Care for All Oregon (HCAO) coalition, and ways to plug into the national movement for Medicare for All as well.  In October, a National Single Payer Strategy Conference will be held in – wait for it – Portland!  To read about all of this, and more, check out our July Update.

Check out our June 2019 Newsletter, with information about the progress of Oregon’s single payer bill; opportunities for volunteers to get involved in outreach this summer; election of the new NFSP Board; status of legislation; and the National Single Payer Strategy Conference coming to Portland in October.

NFSP Secretary Robin Tarter submitted brilliant testimony in support of SB770A, the Oregon Health Care for All Bill.  You can read her testimony here.  Go, Robin!


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